❤️ Hello dear Light Beings! ❤️

✨ We propose you a new path to work together, whatever your location in the world might be, on high level spiritual exercises, to bring in a short time frame, as much as possible Light to you and the Earth!

🏃🏽‍♀️ We call this new path an International or World Spiritual Marathon”! Why a Marathon? Because we will do a series of powerful spiritual exercises during a time frame which is, more or less, the time needed for an athlete to run a marathon. But instead of being exhausting, this might give you a lot of energy but it can also trigger some healing process for you and the Earth.

🧘🏽‍♂️ We will apply very powerful and reliable protocols and work on protection, connection with I AM presence, Goddess return, dissolving implants, Violet flame, and triggering the so-called Event!

🌎 We propose a time slot which could be suitable for Americas (morning), Europe & Africa (midday) and Asia (evening), which is Saturday at 2 pm UTC.

The next stair for our spiritual marathon is proposed the 4th of March 2023, at 2pm UTC.

For all timezone please check here : https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=World+Spiritual+Marathon+%233&iso=20230304T14&p1=1440&ah=3

🌈 We will broadcast the on-line event on the “Victory Of The Light” Youtube channel ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/@victoryofthelight9592 and also on the “Let’s Meditate for Planetary Liberation” Telegram chat group ➡️ https://t.me/meditationliberation.

Please take into consideration that there will be no replay !

So come and practise with us, all together at the same moment, this is the most powerful !

✨ To have all information about these new on-line events, we invite you to join the following Telegram chat group called « World Spiritual Marathon » : https://t.me/+vv6LkxPNB-Q1ZDQ8

We are delighted to propose you such a powerful session to help Light Forces to bring humanity to the Victory of The Light !

🌟 If you would like to benefit from the Tachyon chamber boost for this new marathon, send your photo to world.spiritualmarathon@gmail.com by Saturday the 4th of March at midday UTC ! You have to be alone on the photo, otherwise this will be not considered as valid. This is not important if this is not a photo of your full body.

🌟 If you do not participate to the marathon, we kindly ask you not to send your photo, this is not a healing session, but a booster effect ! We have experienced this booster effect in other marathons organised for the French community. This usage of the chamber as a booster has been validated with the conceptor of the tachyon chambers.

The Youtube broadcast will be also here :


🌟 Victory Of The Light! 🌟

Here are some of the exercices we use during the World Spiritual Marathons

Play list for Protection Protocol:

Protection Protocol – YouTube

Play list I AM Presence meditation:

Meditation for merging with the I AM Presence – YouTube

Play list for Return of the Goddess meditation:

Return of the Goddess Meditation – YouTube

Play list for Goddess Vortex meditation:

Goddess Vortex Meditation – YouTube

Play list for Sexual Healing meditation:

Sexual Healing Meditation – YouTube

Play list for I AM GOD Implant dissolution:

Crack the Matrix for your implants No.1 I AM GOD; I AM NOT GOD – YouTube

Play list for SEX IS LOVE Implant dissolution:

Crack the Matrix for your implants No.2 Sex is Love; Sex is NOT Love – YouTube

Play list for Violet Flame meditation:

Violet Flame Meditation (Updated in September 2022) – YouTube

Play list for Golden Age Meditation:

Golden Age Meditation – YouTube

Play list for Earthquake in Turkey and Syria:

Urgent meditation for earthquake in Turkey and Syria – YouTube

Play list for Peace Meditation for Russia, Nato & Ukraina:

Meditation for peace between Russia, Ukraine and NATO

Play list for Event Visualisation

Event visualisation in (nearly) all languages (please contact us for more versions)

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